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Connecticut is the only state in the nation with ongoing, collaborative efforts among three parts of the insurance ecosystem - captive insurance, traditional insurance and InsurTech. This strong captive domicile relies directly on the support of a strong trade association, and at the heart of a trade association is its members - which is why we ask you to consider becoming a CCIA member! Your support and continued professional involvement will make CCIA stronger and even more valuable.

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  • Build knowledge and skills relating to the utilization of captive insurance for risk management
  • Receive complimentary and discounted tickets to CCIA conferences and events
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  • Advocacy for the interests of current and prospective captive owners before state and local government bodies
  • Inclusion in CCIA’s exclusive online directory of Captive professionals
  • Support from an active and growing professional network of businesses and legislative and academic leaders involved in captive insurance
  • Access to captive industry service providers who promote their services at various CCIA-sponsored events
  • Active participation in the creation of innovative captive concepts such as InsurTech, blockchain, crumbling foundations, cyber, etc.