The lifeblood of any association is its membership.

If you’d like to join the CCIA, there are many ways you can do it. The available tiers of membership reflect your degree of involvement, of interest, and of support.

What’s most important of all is to get involved...and we have made it easy and affordable for everyone from students to major businesses to participate in learning more about captives in Connecticut and spreading the message about good captive business practice.

Membership tiers are shown below, and we've included a handy link permitting you to join easily and quickly. Whether it’s $25 for a student membership or $25,000 for a Founding Membership...the CCIA welcomes you and looks forward to your participation.

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The CCIA began by reaching out to key participants in the captive market and asking them to provide the critical funding by becoming a Founding Member of the association.

There are three different levels of
Founding Membership:

Gold :     $25,000
Silver :    $10,000
Bronze :   $5,000

In addition to supporting the work of the CCIA, Founding Members will be recognized by the association, at every opportunity, as those members that stepped forward at a critical time in the development of the Connecticut captive marketplace. Specifically, for the next year, Founding Members will be individually recognized, by membership level, on the CCIA website, in all CCIA advertising and at all CCIA sponsored and co-sponsored events.

There are still a limited number of Founding Memberships available. If you are interested, please contact


In addition to the Founding Memberships, the CCIA has Annual Memberships. The Annual Membership has many benefits, listed below. Most importantly, your Annual Membership contribution helps to fund the CCIA’s role in supporting Connecticut’s world-class captive domicile.

Annual Membership Fees:
  • Sustaining Member:   $5,000

    • 4 Registrations to Symposium
    • Gold Sponsorship at Symposium
    • Exhibit Booth at Symposium

  • Industry Member
    (Captive Owners and Service Providers):  $1,200

    • 2 Registrations to Symposium

  • Risk Management Professional:   $400

  • Student:   $25
Joining the CCIA is easy!
Either send a check to the CCIA or join by clicking: