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SEPTEMBER 24, 2:00pm - See Through the Smoke: Cannabis, Captives, and All Things In-Between

Growth in the cannabis space continues to explode and with it more and more brokers and program managers are inquiring about the ability to participate in the risk of their cannabis enterprise via captive insurance ownership. We'll touch on why commercial carriers are reluctant, which are writing, and what coverages are available. We'll also share a conversation on cannabis related captives have been formed to date, where, and which domiciles seem more inclined as well as what is concerning to the regulators and why most domiciles won't allow. We'll continue with info and an update on the safe banking act as well as the likelihood of passage and potential ramifications to the captive industry.

Featured Speakers:

Ross Ellick, Partner, Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP
Cassie Bachman, Director of Legal Affairs, Arsenal Insurance Management LLC
Nate Reznicek, Director of Operations, CIC Services, LLC